The Canines of Johnston Architects

studioatja —  June 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

We love our canines here at JA and are fortunate to enjoy a dog friendly office environment. Dogs have been a part of the JA culture since day one. In 2007, when we relocated our office a dog-friendly lease was a must have. We enjoy the company and happiness our dogs bring to the office, culture and our clients. In fact, studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace makes employees feel more relaxed and satisfied. It causes them to be more physically active and even stay with the company longer. And who can ease a stressful situation better than a cute puppy? Not to mention, they’re just amazing creatures to have around!

We’d like to introduce you to a few of our regular four-legged employees…


Rita is a fourteen year old Small Munsterlander Pointer. She is the original office dog and has been with JA since the early days. In 2007, she retired from the everyday office routine and has since adopted a more leisurely lifestyle at home. However, she still makes time to swing by and check in with things every other “Rita Wednesday.”

Augustina “Gusti”

Gusti is a six year old Small Munsterlander Pointer whose mornings consist of gazing out on the Burke Gilman Trail from her designated Wegner chair before retreating home for the afternoon. In her spare time she enjoys heading to Eastern Washington for the weekend, hunting for birds and hiking.


Rascal is a nine year old, half Cocker Spaniel and Poodle. This fluffy pup is sure to win you over with his natural charm. A genuine host, Rascal will greet you kindly upon arrival with welcoming eyes and a little wagging tail. He spends his work day making rounds in the morning then heads to his roundie for an afternoon snuggle.


Solei is an almost three year old, Yorkshire Terrier. She’s the smallest of the bunch but makes her presence known- often referred to as the alert dog- signaling the office when someone new has arrived. Solei’s workday is spent predominantly in her own “office,” where she hops from one carpet sample to another while monitoring the hallway entrance for newcomers. In the afternoon, she wanders around the office, making sure to disturb Rascal as much as she can before day’s end.

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    The climactic consideration is awesome. I really love it.

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