Switchin’ It Up: JA is now a part of the Wallingford Art Walk!

studioatja —  June 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

What does it mean? … We’re moving to the first Wednesday of the month! Join us on June 6th, 2012 at 6pm as we make our Wallingford First Wednesday Art Walk debut. We will be featuring “Urban Landscapes” by Lisa Snow Lady.

Lisa Snow Lady ecard

It has been a pleasure to host such wonderful and interesting artists over the last four years. Taking part in the Fremont’s First Friday Art Walk has given us an opportunity to utilize our space in different ways – going from office to gallery to community venue.

JA’s first Art Walk featuring the work of Todd Smith

JA has been very fortunate to showcase dozens of local talent ranging from new to well-established artists working in an array of mediums. We acknowledge the immense amount of effort, time and passion that goes in to each show and we thank all those that have been involved. We would like to especially thank all the artists that have dedicated their time and talent to the community and to Melanie Masson who had volunteered hundreds of hours organizing and maintaining the Fremont First Friday Art Walk. Our hope is that as we make our move to First Wednesday you continue to come out and help us support local artist and the Art Walk organizations.

Mary Johnston with one of Wyn Bielaska’s pieces. Photo by Wyn Bielaska

Coincidentally, tonight Melanie will be having her own show at 509 Wine Company entitled “Passage” – a series of black and white landscape photographs in conjunction with Fremont First Friday!

Artists we’ve featured since 2008:
Todd Smith
Will Austin
Amy Huddleston
Marcie Myrick
Cristin Ford
Jo Braun
Graham Fracha
Marty Gordon
Jennifer Nerad
Leah Clark
Joan Wrench
Ron Huden
Steve Ward
Jeffery Winslow
Laura Gunnip
Robin Doggett
Maralyn Crosetto
John Fleming
Steve Costie
Wyn Bielaska
Maria Coryell-Martin
Jonna Bell
Laurie Kain
Charlie Spitzack
Moon Lee
Craig Van Den Bosch
Barbara Robertson
Johanna Melamed
Sally Schuh
Jon Taylor

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