The Wild World of Recycle

studioatja —  May 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

Not too long ago recycling was a cumbersome business. In many places extra trips to the recycle center and additional space in the house are necessary even today. Seattle enjoys a relatively robust recycle process as do many places in Washington State. One of these is the Methow Valley where companies like Recycle Roundup have developed innovative ways to manage the excess trash. Their “Blue Bag” system allows visitors to buy a recycle bag, fill it up and drop it off on their way out of town. Over the last two years, Recycle Roundup has also helped to promote the fashion potential of trash. I attended the 2nd annual “Trashion” in Twisp last week and was amazed!

A couple dozen designer/model teams had been collecting materials all year working to assemble dazzling ensembles for the crowd. What had been a modest crowd of fifty people viewing less than a dozen outfits in the first year grew to a 200 person audience and nearly two dozen entries. My favorites included the skirt made from flattened coffee filters and the ensemble made from bedsprings. The winner of the popular vote came in a beautiful gown made from magazine covers!

Men, women, children and several teens headed for the prom all took part.  In this rural part of the mountain west, trash is becoming fashion!

– Ray

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