The Weekly Rundown 2

Riley —  April 8, 2012 — 1 Comment

1. If the World’s Population Lived in One City – One of my favorite new sites to frequent is Per Square Mile, a blog run by Tim de Chant, who posts everything from lengthy commentaries to insightful infographics to pithy links to other blogs. He’s got a lot of interests and good opinions, and he shares them concisely – what more can you ask for? This is one of his infographics that I wanted to talk about, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Pretty interesting stuff with all kinds of implications (let’s talk about it in the comments section!).

2. The Trouble with “Green Space” – A short article by Craig Chester that discusses the ambiguity associated with the idea of “green space,” and how it can end up having a negative impact on communities. It emphasizes the importance of thoughtful and specific design.

3. Edward Burtynsky’s Photo Documentary on Oil – Canadian Photographer Edward Burtynsky’s latest project OIL: Extraction and Refinement, Transportation and Motor Culture and The End of Oil is opening at the Photographers Gallery in London. It’s a beautiful series worth checking out.

4. Why the Planet Doesn’t Care About Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle – Over at FastCo.Exist, environmental economist Gernot Wagner argues that minor lifestyle changes – really lifestyle changes of any kind – don’t make a difference when it comes to saving the planet, and often distract us from the larger, necessary goals like passing effective environmental legislation.

5. Images from the Bottom of a Transparent River – The Verzasca river in Switzerland is so clear that you can see straight to the bottom of the 50ft deep channel as it passes under a footbridge. But photographer Claudio Gazzaroli gives us a different perspective on the already amazing place, taking pictures of the bridge from the bottom of the river.



Riley MacPhee is a recent graduate of Pomona College with a B.A. in Environmental Design and a minor in Philosophy, and has been writing for the JA blog for the last 3 years. He is passionate about architecture and design, and will be applying to M.Arch programs in the fall.

One response to The Weekly Rundown 2


    Amazing graphic and great content beyond the info-graphics piece. I wonder how the density of Seattle or Hong Kong would represent and will check those out. Fascinating thing density – we seem to have a love hate relationship with it: we want our urban social interaction and all the economies of scale, but our personal piece of wide open space at the same time…..

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